Water for Purpose, for Productivity, for Prosperity.

Water is humanity's life blood: one of our most essential elements.  And coffee is no different in its need for water but for a long time, the coffee industry has taken water for granted, and we are now seeing the consequences.  You see, coffee is not a very water-sustainable crop.  Rivers and streams are becoming contaminated from toxic coffee bi-products during traditional milling processes throughout the world, and water quality in the coffee we drink is preventing you from getting the most out of your cup.  We are driven to help resolve the problems that the world faces with irresponsible water practices both in our industry and elsewhere.  We are taking important strides to leave lighter water footprints everywhere we go, both at home and abroad.  And with our retail products, we reserve part of our earnings for investment in both water education and water-saving innovation within our industry. As a business and as human beings, we at Reach Trade believe that all people have a greater call to arms: to do our part for positive, social change. We stand behind a call to a blue revolution; a movement that challenges the status quo to achieve water sustainability. Through our coffee sales, our innovative ideas, and our business practices, we seek to foster this revolution within our customers, our farmers, our supply chain, our staff, and our communities as we invest more time, money and energy together where it matters


In the Spotlight: Here's a Look into Coffee's Impact on Water at the Farm


A Quick Summary on the Water for the Americas Campaign: January 25th- July 13, 2014


At the beginning of 2014, we sponsored a road tour that went more than 15,000 miles in an effort to make it from Boston to Rio de Janeiro.  Our mission was to create an international platform to raise awareness of the water crisis in the Americas and to share today's latest expertise and innovation that set on saving our planet's water sources.  We engaged others by:

  1. Hosting conversations on the crisis to give a voice to water researchers who have technology and/or perspectives on the water crisis worth sharing.
  2. Providing online access to related material to engage with a diverse audience.
  3. Inviting community members to sign a pledge advocating water sustainability policies and water stewardship by physically signing the campaign van.
  4. Entertaining with fun events to fund water-related local, national, and international non-profits.
  5. Fund raising for tour expenses and charitable drives for third-party 501(c)3's.


Water for the Americas exists today in the spirit of all of those who maintain their commitment to today's Blue Revolution.  Reach Trade now focuses our efforts on water and soil conservation within the coffee industry and also through the management of ongoing projects that we are carrying out in collaboration with the amazing people that we had encountered while on the road.  For now, more updates and information will be available by staying tuned to Reach Trade's Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/reachtrade?fref=ts) and Twitter (https://twitter.com/reachtrade) pages! 

If you or someone that you know is doing something noteworthy in water conservation and innovation, please share with us via social media or email!  We would love to share your blue news with our community!