Reach Trade's supply of coffee and cacao extends throughout the Central Highlands and Amazon of Peru.  We pride ourselves in our ability to manage business in these producing regions while delivering both greater quality and transparency at a competitive price.  Today, our network of farmers exceeds 3,000 families.

Among our partnerships in Peru, we would like to highlight an important alliance:


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COOPERU is a truly innovative, Peruvian specialty coffee and cacao organization supported by Reach Trade.  The Peruvian coffee market today is dominated by small holder farmers.  In its country’s developing market economy, small farmers face ongoing challenges that continue to jeopardize their food, water, and economic securities.  COOPERU promotes better farming practices that promise greater development and sustainability in their region.

NARSA is a private enterprise that originally dates back to the late 80s.  Founded by Don Julio Abel Arevalo Tello in 1988, its efforts have been focused on helping farmers in the Central Highlands and Amazon of Peru.  Since its foundation, Don Julio has assisted small coffee and cacao farmers with achieving market access throughout Peru and beyond.  As of 2015, he kickstarted an initiative that hopes to capture his dream: to co-launch a special program that supports farmers in the production of world-class specialty coffee and cacao.  This program, called COOPERU, seeks to encourage small farmers to produce more exquisite or certified crops that would win higher prices and yet at the same time aim to mitigate excessive risk for the producer and to improve the harvest’s social-environmental footprint.

Today, specialty coffee markets worldwide demand higher quality and better traceability for their crop.  As one could imagine, most small farmers in the world do not have access to the technical or financial tools that could enable them to be producing exceptional or extraordinary coffees let alone to bring them to marketplaces that would justify such quality with a reasonable price.  COOPERU’s and Reach Trade’s common vision is to offer such support for Peruvian farmers and to structure these communities in a better way for success in farming and exportation.  COOPERU has an extensive network of approximately 3,000 coffee and cacao farmers and a database dating back to the 80s.  By working together, we believe that we can do great things for these farming regions and work toward important precedents that could be shared with other farming communities around the world.  The marginalization of small farmers worldwide represents a grave concern for both food and water security and also for global poverty as a whole.  The challenges that we face in Peru unfortunately are witnessed throughout Coffeelands worldwide.

Our 2015 collection of microlots marked an important step for the coming together of COOPERU and Reach Trade.  We are offering coffees from farmers that, for the first time, are able to harvest and produce microlot coffees and their work has already shown promising results.  With our first year alone, we have gathered 750 sacks of microlots from farmers owning less than 4 hectares of land, all of which have cupped at or above 84.5 pts SCAA.  We have also achieved our first noteworthy microlots (88+ pt SCAA) that have been sold internationally at US$5.00/lb; with 80% of that sale going back to the farmer. 

It is important to note that due to the vertical integration that we offer at Reach Trade, COOPERU, and NARSA, it is rare that we turn down assistance to producers in our regions as we are driven to always find a marketplace and justified price for their coffees.  Unlike many other organizations, if microlot experiments don't turn out as planned we still commit ourselves to buy the compromised lots so as to share with the farmer's risk and to honor their hard work.

We hope to hear from you all regarding COOPERU.  We look forward to sharing our 2015-2016 microlot samples with you and exploring business opportunities in the years to come.  We are grateful for our extraordinary community of partners and clients at Reach Trade that continue to inspire, educate, and reflect world-class business in coffee.  By working together, we will continue to witness positive change in Peru.