“A Film About Coffee” by Brandon Loper

I had the opportunity to sit in for the debut screening of Brandon Loper’s documentary, “A Film About Coffee”.  It’s safe to say that the motif of the film could be understood quite easily.

Brandon Loper did a unique job in letting you in on his coffee world, and it took him three years of hard blood, sweat, and tears to do so.  It shows, I assure you.  Plus, he himself was there at the front door of the Vista Theater-unbeknownst to many prior to show time-scanning every single guest’s e-tickets.  Class act, Brandon. 

And the film?  It’s artistic, it’s glamorous, it’s simple.  One could argue that there is plenty of appeal to our new-age coffee community here in the US!  Why you may ask?

Loper himself describes it as a sentimental love letter.  Those are the man’s words, but I would suggest that by love letter he means an hour-long romantic getaway of coffee lure and coffee love: a Platonic Coffee Symposium where the masters are asked the questions about their trade that they never get tired of answering. 

I won’t be long-winded.  I’d rather you catch the screening at a venue near you, or look out for it on Netflix and Beyond.  Here’s the trailer:


And here's the official homepage for screening dates, news, and more:  http://afilmaboutcoffee.com/



Posted on July 26, 2014 .