Back in Lima

I returned to Lima to meet up with Paul, who arrived in the city earlier last week. We have spent the last few days creating an outline for some short videos that we are going to film about Reach Trade's journey this month. The videos will cover everything from our water projects in various communities, the farmers we work with in La Merced and Villa Rica, and our journey to gather and export our first container of coffee. 

I'll be leaving to go back to La Merced on Wednesday, but until then, I've been hanging out with the Reach Peru team, which is comprised of Edison, Renzo and Greccia. Edison and Renzo are both hilarious, I'm constantly laughing at their jokes, or, (I hate to admit) when I don't fully understand what was said, I still find myself laughing at all their different expressions. Greccia is the third member of the team. She's only eighteen but she's a hard worker and her vibrant personality is contagious. Now that I've met everyone, I realized why I've come to love this company so much - it's made up of a variety of people with different personalities, yet everyone works together so well. But in reality, this isn't just a group of work friends, its a family.


Posted on June 5, 2013 .