Why Coffee?

When I first joined the Reach Trade team, I couldn’t help wondering why a few young guys from Wooster, Ohio would choose to start a coffee business.

From what I’ve gathered over the past few months, it all started with Dan and Paul’s shared desire to give clean water to those without it. They both realized how basic, yet necessary clean water is to leading a productive and happy life. They decided to create a business that would dedicate a portion of all sales to clean water relief efforts. And then they decided that their business would use coffee, the world’s most popular beverage, to fund water, the world’s most vital beverage.

And as they travelled into the jungle of Peru to build relationships with coffee farmers, they saw that there was work to be done here as well. Right now, they are helping farmers improve their lives by helping them improve their coffee. They know that Peru has the potential to produce exceptional coffee, and now they want to show the world.

So it is as simple as that: Social beverage for social change. Every time that you drink a cup of Reach Trade coffee, you become a part of the story of Selena, and of Jose, and of Peru.

Posted on May 27, 2013 .