The Social Business: Why Reach Trade is a For-Profit Company

Some of you out there may wonder why Reach Trade isn't committed to a 100% proceeds-to-charity policy. Some of you may be curious as to why we are taking profits for the business, rather than to feed all capital gains into our water aid. There are, in fact, admirable organizations out there that are doing this. So why doesn't Reach Trade do it as well?  

The Reach Trade family wholeheartedly believes in sustainable business, quality development, and social service. Our company is made up of a very diverse group of people, ranging from seasoned veterans of multinational trade to product experts, audio-visual artists to civil engineers, and from young visionaries to part-time student marketing reps. The foundations that unite us, and what undoubtedly excites us so much about Reach Trade, is that we all passionately strive for the highest standards of sustainability in business, quality, and service in our prospective fields. Through Reach Trade, we can provide more value for more people, whether it is value in providing reasonable salaries for our faculty, staff, and partners, value in being able to afford fair prices for our farmers, or also the value in providing consistently excellent products and services to our customers. With a growing business, we can effectively touch more people's lives for years to come. We have, and will have, the resources required to maintain our project under the exceptionally high standards that we commit ourselves to, and that is without a doubt something that keeps each and every one of us ticking!

And as for our water relief projects, a profit-making entity will be able to provide sufficient resources and attention to the great variety of water problems out there in the world with long-lasting success. Many of you may not know that statistically more than 50% of all water relief projects fail. This is primarily because of poor project installation and/or project maintenance. With steady growth, Reach Trade can afford to take the time required to insure that our projects last, and last longer than most. After all, it should always be QUALITY over quantity.

We recognize the potential impact that a properly managed global trading company can have on a multitude of people all around the world, and truly believe that this is where Reach Trade belongs. We realize that not all people are in a suitable financial position for considering donations to charities and non-profits. However, by providing such people with a commercial outlet that provides them with products or trade, while also allowing them to participate in genuine, properly funded, and thoroughly managed water relief projects is something truly special.

Reach Trade is determined to rise up and unite customers and producers alike behind an initiative that connects people for worthy causes. And for the more socially aware, Reach Trade is an even greater vehicle towards manifesting positive, socio-economic change around the world.


Posted on April 9, 2013 .