The Concept

Business can and must do more. The market economy is a powerful tool that can transform even the most at-risk communities and regions of the world into valuable and innovative marketplaces.  



Our Products

Coffee. Cacao. Tea.

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission is to exceed general business expectations in quality, service, and entrepreneurship. We will always commit ourselves to ensuring that what we do—not just what we say-- will impact our lives and the lives of those around us in a positive and sustainable fashion. This includes all actions for our customers, our producers, our faculty and staff, and for those benefiting from our humanitarian outreach projects. 

As a socially charged, non-partisan organization, we remain committed to specific farming regions in Peru and in India.  The vast majority of our producers are small holder farmers that farm on less than 4 hectares of land.  We have been loyal to these farmers since day one and have not engaged in trading with other regions or countries despite the numerous tendencies that make coffee-and our industry- challenging.  This is why we have been able to achieve so much progress where we work, and why we are known today as a premiere Peruvian coffee and cacao provider and a world innovator.      


A Triple Bottom Line
As a for-profit company, we're committed to a triple bottom line business model that not only seeks capital growth, but growth in social and environmental value investment.

Thinking Blue
Water is one of the principal limiting factors that the world faces today. Even the coffee industry itself faces serious challenges in water sustainability. This is why we believe so firmly in water-smart coffee production and in other methods of water conservation throughout our supply chain.  At Reach Trade, we propose a blue revolution in all aspects of life and business where we all do our part as water stewards to protect and conserve our world's most valuable resource.  It's not a sacrifice we take out of our bottom line.  It's the right thing to do and it makes business sense.  We encourage you to join us by thinking blue and to see for yourself why water matters.


Caturra at the Finca Santa Rosa

Caturra at the Finca Santa Rosa